Mount Pinatubo; the Eruption.

This event was among the very quite few of its kind, that affected the Globe on a tremendous scale. In June 1991, after 600 years of dormancy, mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted. The summit of the 1460-m volcano erupted. * 15-20 million tons of ash and sulphuric acid mist were blasted into the atmosphere;... Continue Reading →


The Phillipines’ Smoky Mountain.

I encountered this story as an Environmental Concern in one of the many Environmental Science texts I've read. How best do we dispose off our Waste? And how bad have we been doing that? Case #1: Manilla City, in the Philippines, generates some 10,000 tons of Trash each day. Half of which goes to a... Continue Reading →

Pinatubo Escape!

I read about Mount Pinatubo's regal eruption three years ago. I'll publish a short story of it next time.. But for now, the People in the Truck in this Photo narrowly escaped the Explosion of Mount Pinatubo on the Philippine Island of Luzon in 1991. However, some 800 inhabitants of Luzon did not escape. The... Continue Reading →

Once in a Desert Lifetime.

Unique meets Rare! This Desert Antelope in the Namib Desert of Africa was caught on camera by Wildlife Photographer. Wonder how He's going to find a Mate now. Or maybe, lady antelopes might just love Unique guys. ☺ Photo Credit: Ettiene Rossouw

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