I encountered this story as an Environmental Concern in one of the many Environmental Science texts I’ve read.

How best do we dispose off our Waste? And how bad have we been doing that?

Case #1:
Manilla City, in the Philippines, generates some 10,000 tons of Trash each day. Half of which goes to a giant, constantly smoldering dump called “Smoky Mountain”
Over 20,000 People live and work on this mountain of Refuse; scavenging for recyclable items or edible food scraps. 


In July 2000, torrential Rains spawned by the Typhoon “Kai Tak” caused part of the Mountain to collapse, burying at least 215 People. Smoky Mountain still rests in the city; and constantly growing.


Story Source:
Environmental Science: A Global Concern.. William and Mary Ann Cunningham; Barbara Saigo.

Photo Credit: Child on the Smoky Mountain..
Ori Bernshtein