The disposal of our Waste is a very important activity to our Living. It determines how Healthy and Concerned we are about our wellbeing and that of the Environment. Even determining how Humane we can be. For example, the practise of shipping away hazardous and toxic waste to less-developed countries still continues- illegally. Despite the... Continue Reading →


Settling Disputes; Science and Religion.

Here is the Solution to the Disagreement between Religion and Science (for the People who really think there should be a disagreement in the first place). At least that's what I think. ☺ And if you still ask: "Why don't you Religion Fanatics stick to experimental facts to qualify your beliefs". And another asks: "Why... Continue Reading →

Work. Work. Work.

This is an old short story. Probably older than the great Pyramids of Egypt. For you'll have noticed at the end that the origin is Chinese. Very old Chinese. It reminds us not to push too hard on Life. For in trying to accumulate much possessions to oneself, we often lose precious things that doesn't... Continue Reading →

CHANGE Is A Constant

Let's come up to date. Every minute of every day a jet aircraft takes off to carry cargo and passengers for hundreds, even thousands of kilometres. Men and women have lived and worked for months at a time in orbiting space stations. Twelve men have walked the Moon. In the developed world, life without a... Continue Reading →

CHANGE Is A Constant

Change is Constant. This expression is as Old as civilization itself. Most trusted sources attributed it to be first proclaimed by Heraclitus, Greek philosopher and historian. But what does it mean in our modern time. Here's what William Corlett thought in 1976; and actually wrote as a page 4 in his wonderful Sci Fi novel,... Continue Reading →

The Best Things

Sleeping under a warm blanket; in a cold weather is near the best thing in the world. Sleeping on its own requires no Brain activity, and you don't have to do any work.. Unless you are sleepwalking; which makes it a work of course. But we won't be talking of Eating now. Which, though a... Continue Reading →

The Oldest Body of Seawater

This goes back to as far as 35 million years ago; when a great chunk of Rock or it must have been Ice, slammed into what's now the mouth of the bay, off Cape Charles, Virginia, hollowing out a 56-mile-wide (90- kilometer-wide) hole in the floor of the North Atlantic Ocean. But then we weren't... Continue Reading →

Another View of Technology

History! Let's look at it from another Perspective. From the Perspective of the Man who asks Questions; even to Himself.. from my Perspective . The White Man didn't conquer Africa.. His Technology did. Right, I'm not saying this because I'm not White; rather- his Technology still conquers Africa. For instance; the team sent to the... Continue Reading →

Tempted to Believe. Tried not

I was seeing the Movie EXORCIST (the Beginning) for the second time today. This is a movie about an exorcism event carried out in eastern Africa, by an Ex-Priest who'd come to believe in nothing but himself. It's a wonderful motion picture, and you've got to see it if you haven't. Why? Major Granville; a... Continue Reading →

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