Last week, I was watching a National Geographic Documentary titled Wild Japan; Hidden Secrets. A particular creature intrigued me.

Jumping Jumping

The Mudskipper is one of those unfortunate creatures caught in between the extremes Life can provide. It is basically a Fish; but breathes through its skin; and walks rather than swim with its Fins.
On the Ground, there’s the fear of threat of dehydration. While under water, drowning is imminent  for them.


So what does it do every day of its Life.. when it’s not foraging for food, it’s keeping it’s home tidy by taking away mud (clay/humus+water) using its moyth; through the door- whenever the tide recedes (because it lives in local beaches). This act makes its mouth bulge and gives the Mudskipper the look of a pitiable creature.

Mudskipper in activity.

But the Mudskipper is a Happy and Hardworking animal. Having its unique Biology and Ethics.

We should learn from the Mudskipper. ☺