I was seeing the Movie EXORCIST (the Beginning) for the second time today. This is a movie about an exorcism event carried out in eastern Africa, by an Ex-Priest who’d come to believe in nothing but himself.
It’s a wonderful motion picture, and you’ve got to see it if you haven’t.

Major Granville; a British Army General overseeing the few soldiers under his care in Derati, Kenya.. was confronted by what he couldn’t understand. He might have believed in God in the first place; or he might not. But altogether, he didn’t believe in the Supernatural.

To him, no act seen in this world is of extraordinary happenstance. He didn’t believe in demons and voodoo; but of course these things exist. (At least I believe they do). He also didn’t believe demons could stir up people by manipulation; to commit certain acts they wouldn’t normally do.

Anyways, back to the story.
An impossible Church was being excavated by a team of Archaeologists and a Priest, deep in the heart of Kenya. A church built  some 1500 years ago before the coming of Christianity in Kenya; directly on top of an old Pagan site for human sacrifices- which was in turn dated back to be the ground zero of Satan’s impact as he fell from the Heavens after his failed coup… This part of Kenya became under serious unexplained attacks and phenomena.

Inside the Church, where major Granville's confusion began

..So, major Granville was called upon by the attending Priest to help calm a situation about to turn into a chaotic uprising concerning the local People of the community and the excavation team of the white men. He came, he saw, and he got confused.
Back in his tent, he was attending to a Butterfly sample (as he kept them for a hobby).. All of a sudden, his hands became bloodstained. He looked back at what he was doing; and found it was suddenly a Raven and not a Butterfly; then all the butterfly samples hanging on his wall started fluttering back to Life. 
He got confused the more and still couldn’t believe this was extraordinary. So he brought out his pistol and was about shooting his head when everything calmed. But then the butterflies started emerging out of his mouth. Now he really couldn’t handle any of that anymore; so he shot himself through the mouth.

And that was the end of the Man who couldn’t comprehend the vastness of the Reality he found himself in.

Do you believe in a Reality that remains nonexistent to the normality of your senses?

– Pascal Chisom Okechukwu