Arrival of the Portuguese Colonial Masters in the Coasts of Africa

Let’s look at it from another Perspective. From the Perspective of the Man who asks Questions; even to Himself.. from my Perspective

An old scene of Colonialism in Africa


The White Man didn’t conquer Africa.. His Technology did. Right, I’m not saying this because I’m not White; rather- his Technology still conquers Africa.
For instance; the team sent to the Coast of the Niger River by her Majesty the Queen, arrived and met scornful faces of the Local Warriors protecting the Village. These warriors were more able-bodied and macho compared to the invaders.. But while they had spears and machetes and arrows, the invaders had machine guns and pistols and asphyxiating gases. The local warriors would sooner than later succumb to the force of the invaders; and the village would be taken. That is exactly how Technology conquered that part of the world.

But in far away China, this couldn’t happen because the Asian giants were almost the forerunners of technology. You couldn’t just bring your guns to conquer the Mountain People because they were already practising the engineering of Printing before Gutenberg thought of it.
However, the Nation of Japan had a taste of what superior technology could accomplish when and after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events took place.

Even now, Africa is being portrayed as the Cape of good Hope for Humanity by movie makers and apocalyptic writers. Why? We can’t boast of Nuclear Power- which is of course, the fuel firing the Mouths of few world powers. So after the powers that matter must’ve obliterated themselves using Nuclear armaments, what’s left of them would build an ark and set sail for Africa.

So, I’m standing at a crossroads. Do I tell the world to share her technology and by so doing put an end to modern day Slavery, or do I tell the Dark Continents to seek their own technology and let the Competition between powers ever continue.?

Something is certain, one decision might lead to Everlasting Peace. The other might lead to Everlasting Chaos.