Change is Constant. This expression is as Old as civilization itself.
Most trusted sources attributed it to be first proclaimed by Heraclitus, Greek philosopher and historian.

But what does it mean in our modern time. Here’s what William Corlett thought in 1976; and actually wrote as a page 4 in his wonderful Sci Fi novel, The Dark Side Of The Moon.


And I had to find these attached old photos on the Internet.

Let’s step back in time for a moment-
To the very beginning of the twentieth century. In the United States, Orville and Wilbur Wright were convinced they could take to the air in a mechanically powered aircraft. But they hadn’t achieved it yet. 

A Wright flies the Plane, the Brother looks on

In Russia, an obscure scientist called Konstantin Tsiolkovsky had been working on the theory of rocket space flight for a few years. But to most people the idea that one day men and women would live and work in space was pie in the sky.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and his rocket model honoured in an old Russian post stamp

The motor car had been invented, but the few cars on the roads in Europe and the United States belonged to the very rich.

Nuclear power hadn’t been thought of.

To be continued…

Of course, I would advice you to go find this book. I read it in September, 2014. And I loved the author.

Book Cover Photo Credit: Franklyn Anugo Okafor.