Here is the Solution to the Disagreement between Religion and Science (for the People who really think there should be a disagreement in the first place). At least that’s what I think. ☺

And if you still ask: “Why don’t you Religion Fanatics stick to experimental facts to qualify your beliefs”.
And another asks: “Why don’t you Science Fanatics simply believe that somethings are beyond the explanation of experimental facts of science”.. Then we’ll all start the Arguments and Disagreements again.

And all would end up not being Happy, because the other wouldn’t agree with him. And then nothing would happen after that; because we are all entitled to our Opinions. And then there’ll never be an agreement. So that some 100 years from now, our Children would look back and frown upon our not being able to evolve substantially in Science and Religion but argue day and night on which one should be more reasonable. And then I would still be teaching the world why we shouldn’t compare Science and Religion.