Investigating The KNOWNs

How did Things became what we know of them now. It might be somewhat silly to ask a Question as that, but it is an important one notwithstanding. For example, in the case of the Sand, which is a modern English word; we might decide to come to the conclusion that it is a result... Continue Reading →


Even the Most Witty Learns.

I, Pascal Chisom Okechukwu, have been reading the Book of the Thousand and One Nights. The first two hundred Nights actually, and came upon this wonderful piece set in the ancient times of old Arabia. A whimsical story is told of a King, who denied to Poets those rewards to which usage had almost given... Continue Reading →

The Art of WAR

Even as old as the times of Troy, and Sparta, and Ithaca; Wars had a bad effect on the Society. And that's asides stripping communities of their Young Men and Youths. One might as well say that Wars muster Nationalism or Nationalism muster Wars. But both are a very bad influence on Mankind as a... Continue Reading →

the Arecibo Message

Talk about If we are the Only Life forms that is to be found in the Universe, this coded radio message was transmitted in 1974 by the SETI (Search for Extra-Terresterial Intelligence) at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  sent to the Hercules Constellation, to arrive in year 26000.. If there were to be any civilization there, they... Continue Reading →

Throwback on Pompeii

Through time, Ancient civilizations have been claimed by a variety of natural ocurrences such as Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Desert Sandstorms. Even a couple might have been buried under water, such as the famed coastal city of Atlantis. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D.79 the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were completely covered by ash, stones, and... Continue Reading →

The Earth and Us. The Journey So Far

I likened the Earth to a huge Organism.. Other Animals immediately became mutual biotic factors, while we became extremely dangerous Parasites. what have we done that the Earth has benefited? If the Lithosphere was very unstable; we'd have built Gravity Stabilisers and put in places to maintain order.. By that we'd have been helping the... Continue Reading →

Identical Deaths. Coincidence or Not?

July 1974, In Hamilton, Bermuda, 17-year old Nerville Ebbin was knocked off his moped by a cab and killed (not the Boy in the Picture). The following year another young man was killed in exactly the same way. The victim was Nerville Ebbin's younger brother, Erskine. He was the same age as Neville when he... Continue Reading →

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