I likened the Earth to a huge Organism.. Other Animals immediately became mutual biotic factors, while we became extremely dangerous Parasites.
what have we done that the Earth has benefited?

If the Lithosphere was very unstable; we’d have built Gravity Stabilisers and put in places to maintain order.. By that we’d have been helping the Earth with our Technologies. But the blue marble is very stable and strong.

We can’t boast of planting trees. The birds and monkeys and other fauna are doing a better job. Even so, we are not yet halfway through to putting an end to deforestation and wildfires.

About our Ozone Hole, which was unfortunately and eventually destroyed by our industrial and domestic activities; we couldn’t rebuild yet.

As to the amount of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere each day, we are yet to adopt a worldwide remedy in curbing dangerous emissions, and Global warming.


And what of the Beauty of the Environment in general? How do we dispose off our Waste. How do we cater for our Beaches and Marshlands and Mountains and Valleys. In most places of the world, Flotsam and Jetsam are a regular sight in the rivers and oceans, while a smouldering dump of solid waste dot our landscapes here and there.


However, let’s not linger on these unhappy weaknesses towards helping the Earth.
The Earth needs all the Help it can get from us.
Because we are the Intelligent Life on it. ☺