the Arecibo Message

Talk about If we are the Only Life forms that is to be found in the Universe, this coded radio message was transmitted in 1974 by the SETI (Search for Extra-Terresterial Intelligence) at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  sent to the Hercules Constellation, to arrive in year 26000.. If there were to be any civilization there, they would receive and decode the information, and any reply will take another 25,000 years to reach us. SETI claimed the aim of the transmission was to show the level of development and technology we have attained on Earth, not basically intended to reach any other civilization.

The Arecibo Observatory Aerial View. Credit: Wikipedia

Anyways, by the year 26000 the Hercules Constellation would have been in another location.

At the right of the photo is the interpretation of the binary codes.

The Arecibo Message. We are looking for other Civilizations across the Galaxy. This is a summary of our existence.

So. We are still waiting for a probable Response. Aren’t we?


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