Though, I initially didn't want to talk about Love. Seeing as it is one of the most misunderstood phenomena in the world. Love being a very broad word, it is most usually difficult to crack. The attention here is on the Machines and us, Humans. Despite the fact that we are yet to make perfect,... Continue Reading →


Perspective and the Three Apples

The story of the three Apples was told to King Shahriyár by mistress Shahrazád on a night between the ninth and part of the eighteenth night of the Thousand and One Nights. While reading through the quite long story, I discovered a play of perspectives. The moral here advices that we consider all possible views of... Continue Reading →

Being Human

Its phenomenal, how Humans are quite complicated creatures to study. Your best Friend could be a ticking time bomb; waiting to turn a Stranger when certain conditions happen. And the other way round. You're happy with someone in the morning. The tide could easily change in the noon. And it's the other way round too,... Continue Reading →

A little more insight on what the Web of Life could mean to us. And what we mean to it.


What is the philosophy of Life.  What is our living on Earth supposed to principally be about? Some people say that We should just Live. Yet others say we have a duty to protect each other and the other forms of life. And our religious folks say we should live for God and for a... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Scientific Knowledge

Science is laden with traps that will surely lure you out of the Normal. Maybe it's not only Science that's capable of this; anything that can steal your attention and hold it for probably a long time can too. But it's very evident in scientists and wannabe scientists. In our society today, there are two... Continue Reading →

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