Science is laden with traps that will surely lure you out of the Normal. Maybe it’s not only Science that’s capable of this; anything that can steal your attention and hold it for probably a long time can too. But it’s very evident in scientists and wannabe scientists.

In our society today, there are two kinds of people generally; the conscious ones and the unconscious. That is literary speaking of course, the conscious ones are those kids; or college students; or graduates; up to fathers and old folks; who take it upon themselves to seek Knowledge beyond their level of exposure. This is often accompanied by a special kind of accumulated wisdom, but that’s not what I’m talking about now.

So, just what is the cost of Knowledge, the cost of wanting to know more, the cost of wanting to discover things.
For the most, when you read a lot, you eventually find yourself becoming a Loner. You drift away from normal life and normal people, into the intoxicating world of Intelligent Knowledge; though it’s the people that drift away from you sometimes.
Most of us who engage in avid and diverse reading and self-induced studies know this to be true, yet we don’t always stop to think if we should take a break or put a limit.
You can now imagine what the cost of scientific Breakthroughs and Discoveries would look like. A clear example can be seen in core Quantum Physicists throughout time; starting from Heisenberg probably.

Now, the 17th century down to the 2oth was a period of great scientific discoveries and theories and inventions. It is thus very probable that the Cause and Effects I described above was the atmosphere of many conscious people of that time.
So that in the year 1879, Lady Elizabeth Forstmann wrote:

Something happens to the Man who discovers a new species of animal. At once he forgets his family and friends, and all those who were near and dear to him; he forgets colleagues who supported his professional efforts; most cruelly he forgets parents and children; in short, he abandons all who knew him prior to his insensate lust for fame at the hands of the demon called Science!

Further, she asked:

Does one ask what it matters that another bird or animal is added to the rich panoply of God’s creations, which already number- by Linnean reckoning, in the millions?

And she answered:

There is no response to such a question, for the discoverer has joined the ranks of the immortals, at least as he imagines it, and he lies beyond the power of mere people to dissuade him from his course.

So there is a bane afterall, for the People who possess such powers as different from mere people. This might account for another philosophy of mine about Humans; the Man-God Paradox.
Surely, there must have been People who resisted against the power of this demon called science. But it ends with the statement; ‘there must have been’.
What do you think?

Notes: Lady Elizabeth Forstmann’s observation was extracted from the book, Congo; by Michael Crichton. A wonderful piece of the legend I read in the year 2014.