Love produces the Significance of what we do

Though, I initially didn’t want to talk about Love. Seeing as it is one of the most misunderstood phenomena in the world. Love being a very broad word, it is most usually difficult to crack.

The attention here is on the Machines and us, Humans. Despite the fact that we are yet to make perfect, the existence of Artificial Intelligence on Earth; various movies and books on this genre of science fiction or just science rather, have provided a significant amount of insight on what AI might look like and how they can possibly behave- as to imitating Humans. 

We just have to see that when the machines will fully be amongst us, there will be a crisis of perspectives and understanding of events when we interact.

I don’t know how the machines would interpret Love as a phenomenon or even as seen in events, but I’d love to see AI become a normality in my time.
However, I’m standing on the fence still. Part of me doesn’t; probably the part that totally understood the Terminator series. 🙂