My Encarta Dictionaries defined Utopia as an ideal and perfect state: an ideal and perfect place or state where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best.

Now, most people in our current generation think this is a far cry, or worse an impossible dream that is far from ever being a reality. But, has the world ever been a Utopia before? or will it be in the future? I think those answers lies with the decisions we make today, and the actions we would take towards accomplishing them.

If we can follow the content of my PhotoNote (Featured Image), we would eventually see that a Utopia could always be possible. For example, if the world governments really wanted peace in the Middle-East, all they had to do was to stop sponsoring domestic differences and civil wars within those religious nations, and put an end to terrorism and insecurity. We are capable of eradicating these vices, because we invented them also.

And about a Utopia of the Environment. Going green could always solve the problem, even though the results might take some time to be seen. It won’t be an easy task to restore the global temperature of the planet to the comfort it was before the age of the  industrial revolution, nor will it be simple to restore our Oceans, the Atmosphere, and the Terresterial environments to their former glory. But all these can be achieved with time, and I strongly believe in a coming generation that would see above the horizons of Human Stupidity, Corruption, the monetary system and Capitalism way of life; and make the world a beautiful and dreamy place once again.

One can as well say that Utopia depends on time, asides being a function of global human choice(s).