I intercepted this Photo from an account i was following on Twitter. In this modern day, and as it were; not too long ago, Scientists see Religion as a belief system that doesn’t work. just because it is based primarily on Faith and Belief in concepts without thoroughly investigating their veracity.

But, does Science have the answer(s) to all questions in Life? of course Not. Science will never possess all the answers to the puzzles in Life, nor in the Universe. In fact, it serves primarily to provide explanations by investigating ‘What Is’, presuming ‘What Was’, and predicting ‘What Will Be’. Therefore, one can see in effect, that Science is basically no different from  Rationalism, or Dogmatism; in most extraordinary cases.

So, to spice up this post, I went over to Yahoo Answers to see what People thought on an awkward question; ‘What is the Opposite of Science?’. Below are the two answers i found most interesting:

Someone else provided a deeper insight. One that I have always agreed with, which has made me write less on my own contribution to the issue. 😊

Best Answer:  Science is very much a “whatever works” discipline. But so is engineering. In engineering, you put new things together, sometimes by combining elements from old things. But brand new things emerge. In science, you observe and take apart the Universe to see how it works. Science is reverse engineering.

Science is rational. The most irrational ideas are fundamentalism. Please don’t paint all religion with this. The fundamentalist says that if you use reason to interpret scripture, then you run the risk of making your own reason more important than the word of God. Therefore, literal interpretation of scripture is strictly adhered to. That’s right, it’s irrational. Never mind that the scripture is telling you to think about what you’re doing.

Scientists do not accept facts. They do not believe in anything. The facts accumulate, and it suggests what must be true. But in the light of new evidence, what must be true is subject to change. There are no absolute truths (not even this one).

The opposite of Science isn’t Religion then. Nope, we shouldn’t even ask such questions. Like my friend said, One can be deeply religious, and also a great scientist at the same time. If we could learn how to accommodate each others view, we could work together and accomplish great things, and also solve greater puzzles in Life. 😃