Mysterious Rainfalls.

The Earth is mysterious after all. It simply means there are some extra-ordinary things that occasionally happen, which we might not possess or produce reasonable explanations for. I’m not talking of other extra-ordinary things like Gravity and Anti-matter, which unfortunately speaking, we do not possess full knowledge about also. You are probably acquainted with the... Continue Reading →


The TIME Machine

H.G. Well's masterpiece of Science Fiction, The Time Machine is a great Book. Not only did he thrill the reader on the journey far into the future, to the year 802,701 A.D., but his prediction of how Civilization would look like after the course of many hundreds of thousands of years from now is incredible;... Continue Reading →

Water is Life.

So, I thoroughly searched the Internet looking for this particular Penguin. And the cute little Baby says: Life could exist anywhere there is Water, even when the Temperature is some yards below 0°C Its amazing how much Life we could find wherever there is some form of water. On the Surface of the Earth where... Continue Reading →

The Living Mop and the Children

It’s a very beautiful thing how Children Stories could teach us a lot about our environment and how to care for it. And a well-deserved credit should go to such authors as can come up with such books in the first place. Yes, most times, the most beautiful things to read about abound in Children... Continue Reading →

France 1846, and the Electric Girl.

Here is another story from the Paranormal series. When the unexplained phenomena meets science, the result(s) often turn out to be inconclusive.  (January 1846) A fourteen-year old peasant girl from La Perriere in the Normandy region of France began distressing her friends with her strange powers. Angelique Cottin became known as the “Electric Girl” for... Continue Reading →

Can we call Magic a Science?

What is Magic.. An Unexplained Phenomena? Or does it require a Special kind of Understanding. Sincerely, this is a Big Question that has crossed the Mind of Many who are really curious about their World and the Awareness hanging around. I've come to ask myself the same question over and over without arriving at any... Continue Reading →

England 1885. He won’t Hang.

Just how many times would a particular event repeat itself and we quit calling it a coincidence. And call it something else such as paranormal phenomenon? I peeked into a particular collection of paranormal phenomena a lot of times in the year 2012, and came upon this man called John “Babbacombe” Lee. The man that... Continue Reading →

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