What is Magic.. An Unexplained Phenomena? Or does it require a Special kind of Understanding.

Sincerely, this is a Big Question that has crossed the Mind of Many who are really curious about their World and the Awareness hanging around.

I’ve come to ask myself the same question over and over without arriving at any ultimate answer.. Even though the Entertainment Industry takes upon this Phenomenon of Magic as an advantage to prey on People’s Imaginations, I’ve come to believe in much of it to be science. Especially the parts that deal with Vanishing Stuffs. In the PhotoNote above, I tried to view the concept of Apparition and Disapparition from a unique perspective. And it appeared to be easily comprehensible. I won’t deny I didn’t have help understanding it myself; having attended a Technomancy Class by one Professor Theodore Jackson, from the fantastical Alma Aleron School of Magic in the United States. These ofcourse, were all in a book; James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing, written by  George Norman Lippert. 

The breakthrough in understanding and applying Magic might ultimately lie in our being able to manipulate Electro-Magnetism and Quantum Physics. Because, with EM and QP, one could easily move from one continent to another, travelling back and forward in Time (or Space); covering great distances.. even Space Missions would greatly benefit from it too, since we could cover tremendous distances in the extremes of Millions of Light Years, and all it took was just a blink of the eye.


flying_ship-wallpaper-960x640But what about other forms of Magic? Like Levitation, Flying, Healing Injuries, Conjuring Stuffs, etc. Well, that’ll be story for another day. 🙂