It’s a very beautiful thing how Children Stories could teach us a lot about our environment and how to care for it. And a well-deserved credit should go to such authors as can come up with such books in the first place.

Yes, most times, the most beautiful things to read about abound in Children stories. Maybe, because the most wonderful stage of life is the childhood, when the world and everything in it looks and feels simple and lovely, with very little bad things and ill feelings. So I came upon this book few days ago, by Wilson Gage; Miss Osborne-the-Mop.


Where a little girl gets to go spend her Summer holidays with her cousin and the family, in a countryside surrounded by mountains and beautiful natural environments. She happened upon a mystical spectacles that; when she wore, enabled her and her cousin; who was a very curious and nature-loving creature, perform magic and transform objects into wonderful things such as cakes and ice creams and other children fantasies. But they had to try out other important transformations like changing a dead stick into a motorbike, until, one day, they transformed a dust mop into a living Mop in order to make their house cleaning easy for them.. and their lives and the rest of the holidays changed forever. Why?

Taking out the Rubbish to the Sinkhole site; the living Mop trails behind.

This living Mop became quite an environmentalist and a teacher. Taught them to appreciate their natural environment more than they had been doing, go to picnics in the forest often, admire the blooming flowers every morning; from the sun flowers to the dandelions. Oh, and how refreshing it is to breathe the mountain air, and hike up and down its leaves-scented paths. Check out this mountain Cave and investigate that mountain Cabin. Clear out the rubbish and get rid of all the solid waste pollutants; burn them in a safe place or find them a worthy sinkhole. And restore a garden to its former glory.

At the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this Children Story book 🙂 , and had to attest to what C.S. Lewis said a long time ago;

A Children’s story that can only be enjoyed by Children is not a good Children’s story in the slightest.”

So you see, unless you try some children’s story books, you won’t get to know a lot of beautiful things out there. And if we adults can see the world through the eyes of Children, a lot of ill things such as could be cured or removed from our World.  Things such as Wars, Diseases, Environmental Pollution, and even Jobs.. For you see, Children are all about Playing and Eating, and doing very little Work. 😀