So, I thoroughly searched the Internet looking for this particular Penguin. And the cute little Baby says:

Life could exist anywhere there is Water, even when the Temperature is some yards below 0°C

Its amazing how much Life we could find wherever there is some form of water. On the Surface of the Earth where We live, Under the Earth where the Earthworm lives, under Ice where Seals and Polar animals thrive, in the Deserts where the Acacia Tree and Xerophytes plant their deep roots. Even in our drinking water, tiny Bacteria swim about their daily lives. Out there in Space, we are trying to see if we can find neighbours. A lot of distant planets spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope are suggesting it, and from the look and analysis of most space images, something that looks like water often show up. Recently, one of Jupiter’s Moons, Europa is being scrutinized.

Jupiter’s Icy Moon, Europa.

But then Life is the cutest thing that could happen to any Planet in the Universe. Mars is a dull Reddish-brown in colour because we can’t find Ready Water on it yet. But the Earth is a striking combination of Blue, White, and Green colours- which could easily tell a Visitor there’s Life in abundance over here.

The Antarctica still holds a lot of Secrets and Surprises for our curious Minds. And we are yet to discover some 10% out of 100 of the possible Life forms that could thrive and not just survive in the conditions where Water is so dead in Temperature but beautiful in appearance.
Hopefully, this would help us explore more Worlds in and beyond our reach.