H.G. Well‘s masterpiece of Science Fiction, The Time Machine is a great Book. Not only did he thrill the reader on the journey far into the future, to the year 802,701 A.D., but his prediction of how Civilization would look like after the course of many hundreds of thousands of years from now is incredible; though I wasn’t quite comfortable with the world described then. It is however, what most learned Minds of today would predict too. After all, what could be the end product of our Capitalism way of Life; what could we possibly evolve into, when now; there is a huge gap between the Elite and the Poor, the Governors and the Governed.

In the Future, a lot of Things are going to Change. Most for the Good; Others for the Worst. For example, Well gave a scientific view on the Geography of the Earth as the time traveler traversed through hundreds, to thousands and millions of years. At some point, he could only see Crustaceans as the surviving animal life on the Planet. Further he couldn’t see any evidence of Life at all, save for a dull and Lifeless Ocean having no tides- because the Moon was also gone, and the Sun remained as a huge red giant seemingly giving off only very little warmth.


This might teach us a little knowledge also; that in the course of a natural Extinction of Life on Earth, the Vegetation would disappear globally, and the animal Life would follow suit.

And Humanity too? How are we going to Evolve? for evolve we must. Are we going to play a part in our own Evolution? the Systems we operate in; the Societies we establish; the way we respond to Nature and our Environment. The time traveler wasn’t fortunate to visit a timeline when Humans were still Humans as we are now. So he met two kinds of Humans; the Morlocks and the Eloi.


His adventures and stay with them is something you have to find out by reading the Book, as I wouldn’t want to ruin your adventure by telling you everything. However, the Eloi seemed so heavenly for Earthly creatures, while the Morlocks were quite spooky looking and crude. But of course, that is what even our current society is divided into.