The Earth is mysterious after all. It simply means there are some extra-ordinary things that occasionally happen, which we might not possess or produce reasonable explanations for. I’m not talking of other extra-ordinary things like Gravity and Anti-matter, which unfortunately speaking, we do not possess full knowledge about also.


You are probably acquainted with the phrase, “It rained Cats and Dogs”. What you don’t (probably) know is that this phrase must have been really true once; and had actually happened to some or many Persons at some or many Times, in some or many Locations. After all, the Christains’ holy book, the Bible; told of a particular event, during the ten (10) plagues in ancient Egypt, when it rained Frogs everywhere, down to the Pharoah’s bedroom.


This phenomena has repeated itself quite a number of times, with only the raining substance changing. Thus I dug into Bizarre Phenomena files and found the event below.


In February 1979, Roland Moody of Southampton, England, was startled to hear small, solid objects hitting the glass roof of the conservatory attached to his house. The objects turned out to be hundreds of seeds- small mustard seeds and cress seeds coated in a jelly-like substance. More seeds continued to fall during the day, eventually covering his garden. One of his neighbours, Mrs. Stockley, told Moody she’d had a similar experience the previous year. The following day, Moody’s home was struck by corn, pea, and bean seeds that seemed to simply fall out of the sky. His neighbours on  both sides were also pelted with peas and beans. Only those three houses in the neighbourhood were targeted for the bizarre showers of seeds, and a police investigation was unable to pinpoint a source. The phenomena gradually decreased and went away. By thst time, Moody and his neighbours had endured twenty-five separate barrages and collected ten pounds of beans from their gardens. Moody himself gathered eight buckets of cress seeds. He claimed the produce grown from the seeds was good quality. Both Moody and Stockley were interviewed for Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World Television Series in 1980. To date, no adequate explanation for the weird showers has been found.

However, there’s been some kind of Scientific Explanation for showers of aquatic creatures such as the Frogs and the Fishes. It might be that the reason most animal rain occurs is the aftermath or rather effect of powerful tornadoes or waterspouts that travel over or near bodies of water and happen to pick up some of the smaller organisms such as frogs, fish, spiders or even snakes. Though, this phenomenon has never been witnessed by scientists occurring naturally. Most times the animals that fall do not always die, as there have been reports of some animals, such as frogs, continuing on after a fall as if nothing happened these facts make rain of animals one of nature’s weirdest phenomena.