The Center of The Universe

Three years ago, I was going through a NASA website, following a trend in an argument that once took place a long time ago. The argument having ensued for many centuries, during the growth of astronomy. However, I brought this up now because, sometime this year, some group of people calling themselves the Flat Earthers... Continue Reading →

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The Overwhelming Universe.

NASA recently released this astounding Photo of the far Universe; as seen by Hubble. Here's a Piece I read from Douglas Preston's book, Impact. "The Universe is a hundred and fifty-six billion light-years in diameter, and that's just our part of it; the part we can see. The Human brain can't imagine the Universe.. The... Continue Reading →

Prologue to The Lord Of The Rings

The Script of Galadriel, Lady of Light.  I figured i should put this up here, having being a Middle-Earth citizen since the year 2001, when I first came across the motion pictures of  J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR- Fellowship of The Ring. The prologue is quite a favourite part of the film for me. All lines below... Continue Reading →

Supermoon Memoirs (2016)

The Saga of the 2016 Supermoon has come and gone. Night on the 14th of November 2016, the Moon was closer to the Earth than normal and shone the brightest since 1948. The phenomenon, called a Supermoon, happens when the moon is full at the same time that it’s orbiting at its closest point to... Continue Reading →

Where is everyone? The Fermi Paradox

Now I understand the Fermi Paradox better. 🙂

Rationalising The Universe

Part I: The Question

The most simple questions that we can ask often turn out to be the biggest. Physicist Enrico Fermi is testament to this with his big ask ‘where is everyone?’ Where is everyone in the vast universe, why do we hear nothing but silence when we scour the night skies, where are all the aliens?

When we look up a particularly starry night sky we are only observing a very small proportion of the stars in our galaxy. Which in itself is a very very small proportion of the stars in our observable universe (note. observable universe, and that’s just the part closest surrounding us that we can receive light from!) Let’s throw some numbers into the mix.

Part II: The Calculation

There are 100-400 billion (yes billion that’s 10^9) stars in our Milky way galaxy. Now astronomers believe that there are roughly 100 billion galaxies in…

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Different is Good

This is one of those Write Ups I make when I settle to my Solitude Moments to think about the Human Society and the Future. It should serve to encourage all the Unique Minds out in the World, who are considered Different in the Thinking and Cultural ramifications. There is the exceptionally common case of... Continue Reading →

Don’t get snared by the logic trap

a Looong Read. But worth every alphabet in it, at the end. 🙂

Rationalising The Universe

Today we go on a journey to ancient Greece, and before us stands the hero of the Trojan war Achilles. Taking a break from his usual activities of slaying Trojans, Achilles has been enticed into a running race by a rather loud mouthed tortoise. Now clearly the tortoise is at a distinct disadvantage, so has managed to negotiate a small head start. Runners are of course allowed to run at their own maximum speed, but they must run at a constant speed once they cross their respective start lines. Trumpets sound and the race is on. Achilles reaches a frightening pace, the tortoise not so much. After a chunk of time Achilles has reached the position where the tortoise began. But since time has elapsed and the tortoise is moving forwards in the race it must be at a new position beyond the original. No bother the race continues; and…

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the Tunguska Event

Sometimes, we sit at home and trouble finds us there. A long time ago, an extra-terrestrial body flew into Earth, gracing the Russian territory with its glory and light showers. The asteroid event, later known as the Tunguska Event made a record of being the loudest explosion recorded by Man in recent times. This record... Continue Reading →

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