This is one of those Write Ups I make when I settle to my Solitude Moments to think about the Human Society and the Future. It should serve to encourage all the Unique Minds out in the World, who are considered Different in the Thinking and Cultural ramifications.

There is the exceptionally common case of an Existential Innuendo with some People on this planet. This particular abnormality; if I may choose to name it so, happens in every period out of the timeline of Human existence on Earth. It is such that the rest of the People see you as Different, and in extreme cases as a Misfit.

For example, the year 2016 A.D. happens to fall into an era when Humans on the global scale, prefer a life that insatiably seeks; Entertainment over Education, Inaneness over Intelligence, and Social Normality over Innovation. If therefore, you happen to be a Person that takes an investigative and pragmatic view of civilization; entertainment, normality, and other establishments that characterize a society; you ask pertinent questions and work towards refining or entirely changing already existing norms… then you’re qualified to be a Misfit in this generation. But don’t worry, for it is a beautiful stance.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Medical Drawings on Human Anatomy

You see, some of us quite belong to the Past; seemingly because we don’t think and behave like other people in the present. While some others belong to the Future, because our thoughts and way of life have long evolved, leaving the present behind. Leonardo Da Vinci, because of his contributions to Medicine, Arts, Engineering, and Science in general, was said to have belonged to a future world, at a time that could have even succeeded ours. But he lived in the 15th century. In our present time, there are those who might have rightly belonged to the past; those who have looked at Humanity and Human Civilizations, and come to the realization that the modern human society must have started off on a wrong foundation; what with eradicating Capitalism and the concept of Money and having to work out one’s life to earn it so as to be able to enjoy what resources that were originally free and deserving of the inhabitants of the planet.

I am therefore urging all the different people out there; the inquisitive minds; the ones who are bold enough to brave beyond the horizons of normality, to continue in that path. The birth of tomorrow’s world is their destinies, and it is on the shoulders of such as you that the weight of entire civilizations are carried upon. You must withstand the pressures from normal people and their normal philosophies. Alas, they shall tease and scorn you for being a reader and a thinker, but the world would have you to thank in the end.