The Overwhelming Universe.


NASA recently released this astounding Photo of the far Universe; as seen by Hubble.
Here’s a Piece I read from Douglas Preston‘s book, Impact.

“The Universe is a hundred and fifty-six billion light-years in diameter, and that’s just our part of it; the part we can see. The Human brain can’t imagine the Universe.. The numbers are too large”

A few years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope stared for eleven days at an empty spot of Night Sky no bigger than a dust speck. Night after night it collected the faintest light from that pinpoint of Sky. It was experimenting to see what might be there..
The result: ten thousand galaxies never seen before. Each one with five hundred billion stars in the least. And that was just one pinprick of sky chosen at random.

Do you believe there’s possibility of the existence of Intelligent Life elsewhere in the Universe?
I would say Yes! anyday; the Math requires it.


Photo Credits:
#Hubble_Space_Telescope by NASA.


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