A lot of concepts or rather subjects of probe in the world often have two sides. One for and one against. Most times, I try putting myself in both shoes to see things from their own unique perspectives. As to the case of the centre of the universe, or how the Earth came to be, while most scientists stand on Spontaneous Birth and Evolution, religion and few scientists and some fantasy writers go with Creationism

the Big Bang Theory and the First Pages of the Bible have  lot in common.

Now, though almost everybody seems to believe in the Big Bang theory of science, the birth of the planet still strictly shares a lot of views and sides, primarily creationism and the post- big bang birth theories respectively. The beautiful thing I found about either beliefs is quite heart-warming. They both had to do with a careful consideration of the best living conditions that would support Life and ensure that the inhabitants of the planet would always live in everlasting (or so) comfort. 

For the Physicist, it is all a matter of lucky chance, that after the big bang, our dear planet formed from the solar debris in a position from the sun not too hot nor too cold to support the existence of water in the liquid state and eventually support life that is to evolve some billion years later in the future. Therefore, the sun was of course, before the earth, and the moon came after. But, while the sun had evolved independently, the moon might have depended on the earth, or must also have evolved independently- it’s left for science to investigate, debate, and decide. 

Formation of the Planets after the Big Bang. Depicted here, is the formation of the Gas Planets

The Creationist took a totally different view though. Before the Universe, there was the One who is the Creator or the God. He set out to create life (other beings) in the universe ultimately for his own pleasure. He set the universe in motion, and chose our solar system, in which he placed the earth in its perfect position to support life and maintain comfort for the biodiversity he was about to introduce. He then made the sun and the moon independently; one to govern the day, the other to illuminate the ‘after day’. This must have spawned the Geocentric theory of the philosophers of old and later the Catholic Church. 

the Geocentric Theory depicted with the Earth at the Center of the Universe. The Catholic Church enforced this view on the Public and would do anything to defend it. 

However, with the advance in science these recent times, it has been firmly established that the earth revolves round the sun and not the other way round. And while the scientist affirms that the earth only came after the sun; the moon after the earth, creationists believe that the sun and the moon must have been created after the earth, even though the solar system follows the Heliocentric model now. 

The Pillars of Creation. Discovered by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. It is believed to be the Birthplace of Stars. This Photo alone unites the Creationist’s view and that of the Big Bang. 

Since we couldn’t go back in time, to see or learn how the earth, or the sun, or the universe came about, we have decided to rely upon our imaginations and estimations respectively, so that the creationist and the scientist could still hold hands and walk together, respecting each other’s beliefs and theories.