I’m so sorry I couldn’t post a thing throughout the Christmas season. But its never late to write. And I wish us all a very Happy and Wonderful New Year. 🙂


I didn’t know what to start off the year 2017 with, until I came upon this little something I wrote two years ago. Its sabout Energy and us, and says in plain text;

Basically, we swim in different kinds of Energy every day. We produce them when we walk, clap, or even talk. We feel them from the Sun and the Wind. Literally, we swim Energy when we sail our ships and surf the waves. And when we admire the woods and rainforests, or scorn at Plant/Animal wastes; we deal with it too… Then there’s the unfathomable amount of Energy contained in the grounds we march upon- all the time. Even the chemically simple Hydrogen turned out to be the Mother of all Energies.

We have put most of them to Use already. While in the Future, we’d have to consider the Moon, Fusion Energy, God Particle, Brain Power, and even every single one of the Periodic Table elements.

What is the ultimate Result; asides it’s Benefits of course. Our Environment would eventually become so stuffed with Energy and Energy generating mechanisms that we’d have nothing utterly Simple left, like Free Space and Relaxation Gardens. Maybe we’d even resort to reclaiming Lost Oxygen, because we might unfortunately be breathing only Waste Gases, Electrons, and Electromagnetic Emissions then. And who knows, our Seas and Oceans might also turn out to be Electrolytes. But Mankind’s thirst for Energy might never be quenched. 

Here, it is summarized in what I term a PhotoNote; while I intend writing more on Energy and our Future, this may serve as an Introduction.