In the long run of my studies on the histories of old and fairly recent societies of the world, I discovered something that keeps repeating itself in the course of Man’s stay on Earth.

While Science and Discoveries tend work to open people’s eyes to the world and sharpen their consciousness of the environment, Politics and Entertainment tend to take our minds off most things that really matter – and often determine our fate. The thing is, often times, politics and entertainment are the tools used by the elites (primarily) to keep us blind to events that we normally should not only be aware of but tackle gravely.

[Modern Day]. Climate change may have only been some decades old discovered by man. It is a serious phenomenon that we should tackle of course. But, while true scientists in our society look into the past of our environment; comparing it with the present; and analysing the changes they observe so as to predict the future, quite a handful of the planet’s well-wishers preach the climate change omen to the world in the aim of letting more people know about the consequences and what help we could render.. The people who run the governments that run the world know that climate change is now majorly contributed to by anthropogenic means – through processes that profit them so much, so they use politics and entertainment again to bribe away our minds.

In this spectacular Artist’s rendition of the aftermath of Climate Change, the Government condole themselves on the dividends they enjoyed while paying little heed to climate change warnings. 

The end of this path does not bode well for us. It was the same end that met the people of Pompeii in AD 79. They were busy of course watching gladiators fight in the arena, and playing intoxicating Roman politics. (can’t say that was only what they were doing in their time) but they didn’t pay serious heed to the daily rumblings of Mount Vesuvius (I can only guess that they probably didn’t pay heed enough). They could’ve consulted previous records of geologic activities in other parts of the world- after all the Romans conquered a lot of civilizations and took charge of their libraries. But the government that ruled over those empires were more interested in politics and making fortunes out of entertaining combats, they couldn’t let the fear of the mountain erupting prevent people from coming to watch and making them more money. So the inevitable eventually occurred and the city of Pompeii was buried under volcanic ash along with probably 90% of its people.

the ancient People of Pompeii were running away from Vesuvius’s eruption in vain.


What lessons can we learn from History? Well, never to repeat the bad ones. 🙂