Earth Day 2017. Africa’s Perspective

Quite a number of Africans either believe that Climate Change is a hoax, or it doesn’t concern them. After all, there are fewer industries in Africa than there are in Europe, and there are fewer cars too- so our carbon footprint is quite small right? But the Earth doesn’t acknowledge that Africa should receive less of the impacts of climate change just because she contributes little to the causes of global warming. Infact, Global Warming works just like it was named. A little contribution somewhere in the world, and our atmosphere stretches it over the entire globe.  🌇 
The African Wildlife Foundation shared the infographic below on Earth Day. I’m sharing it today because everyday is Earthday for me, and partly because I was too  busy to write on April 22 (lol).
I’m not supposed to say much and ruin this celebration, but the fact about climate change in Africa remains that it quite concerns us very much more than probably three out of the seven continents of the world put together. 🌏
However, this year’s Earthday had some good news too, which was shared in an Educative Video produced by The American Museum of Natural History. Its already up on my Facebook Page, Imagine Earth.  I’d rather you strive to watch it, than read it here- so I don’t always get to talk talk talk (smiles). 😉
In the future, in the light of a green hope shared by Environmentalists everywhere; Lake Chad would make a great comeback.. People in Mauritania and the entire Sahel from Sudan in the East to Senegal in the West, would reclaim much lands claimed by Man’s deforestation and Nature’s desertification and turn parts of the Sahara into arable lands and great cities. And maybe, instead of having oasis amongst deserts, we’d be having deserts for exhibition amongst cities. We are not only going to Hope, but Work towards this Future! 😊
IMG_20170327_16021921111 (2)
Carbon-based lifeform. Becoming one with Nature.

Short link to the educative video




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