The content of this write might not thoroughly justify its title, but it saddens me when I see so much unrest and malice in the world. If we have the power to determine which should abound in the world; between Good and Evil, why does the latter appear to have more dominance on us? [A question for you to ponder upon].

The much violence in the world today is controlled by probably just a few individuals out of the rest of us. While our various governments decide whether there’d always be war, sometimes over natural resources, and other times over forgivable causes; charismatic leaders plant poisonous dogmas into would-be fanatics who’d incite fear and anxiety into people and torment the society- giving opportunities to political leaders to drive the setup into maturity as Terrorism.

But there are the lots of concerned humans who wants to restore love and peace in the world. Though their voices might be faint in this chaotic world, there’s the strong hope that good would ultimately prevail over evil, and we’d all live happily ever after. It is left to our collective participations to bring about this victory, no matter how long the fight would take.

So I happened to think about ancient cities and how much we’ve missed them. Then it occurred to me that we’ve been busy tarnishing our timeline on earth. We have more chaos in our societies today than our ancestors did- all over the continents, except probably in Antarctica. The universe as it expands, tends to cool from its initial temperature. Even our planet have lost so much of its generated heat since birth, because the natural laws of the universe often demand that systems move from highly disordered states to very less chaotic conditions. But man defies this order. Almost all our activities on earth have shown that we are constantly driving towards more chaos- how we interact with our fellow humans and the natural environment surrounding us.


Take Syria for instance. This used to be a lovable nation in the ancient world. But her remaining citizens today live in abject fear and terror, with sadness hanging like an atmosphere upon the cities. The enduring city of Damascus was once a precious jewel amidst the stretch of deserts from North-Africa to Asia and the entire Arabia. Here was a bustling city around which most arabian stories centered, and according to treasured (his)stories, a wonderful triangular life used to exist among them and Cairo, and Mecca. But it’s a different story today with almost all the Muslim nations. Even other uniformly-religious and multi-religious nations aren’t left out.

Winds of anxiety and uncertainty sweep over our heads every day, and ears often twitch in reception of potentially imminent sad news. Maybe we’d have to linger with this chaotic reality for some more time. But the people of Light would continue throwing in their efforts; shining even in this dark world, and eventually conquer the darkness.