All through my days for a Degree in the University, I couldn’t find a soul of the opposite sex to truly connect to. I did later found someone who had some common interests with me; it seemed we both had a passion for the planet and things that grow, but time was already against- and I had to leave. Thus for some 4 years in college, I had to become more human in order to accommodate my very human friends who happened to share an extremely human-defined environment with me. (Human here means basic).

I’m not saying the definition of beautiful souls to me is restricted to the lovers of the earth sciences and (or) metaphysics; but those are the kind that would easily connect to me, especially at a first meeting, without attempting to go down the rabbit hole- although at the time and even now, it is very much likely for it to snow in the Sahara desert than it is for me to meet girls with such souls here in my country.

The above two paragraphs are my bits. So you should primarily concentrate on the paragraphs below.

If you haven’t got me wrong so far; or got yourself a bit confused rather by reading this, I’m saying that there are beautiful souls everywhere, but you have to look deep to discover them- because, while some of them might be covered with beautiful bodies, the lots of them are often covered with bodies not too beautiful. And it is only to such people that you should connect yourself to. (I’m only just advising here), even though it doesn’t figure that a normal person wouldn’t want to connect to a beautiful soul. You have to look beyond the beautiful faces you see every day and search for what lies deep within them- that means literarily looking beyond their epidermis (which brings to mind that we would all be physically hideous without the covering of our outer skins). There are physically-beautiful people all over the world, and tremendously a number of them here in my country- but often times, when you happen upon these beautiful palm fruits, and decide to crack them open and check before really connecting; instead of finding your expected palm nuts, you actually find chili or kola nut (the kind that tastes like the experience of someone who’d lived 50 years of his life in the Namib desert).

It might be difficult if I try to define a Beautiful Soul, but I suppose we could wholly summarize their influence on us as being sweet. However, we can’t come to this conclusion by just observing their physical beauty- rather our hearts would eventually testify to this, and our true smiles whenever we are connected to one other would give us away. 😋

I’d advice our Girls to concentrate more on beautifying their Souls, much more than they spend lots of time beautifying their bodies. It’s only the body after all, a stretch of catenated carbon and carbon derivatives. But the soul is much more. It’s like a window to another world . Connecting to a beautiful soul is probably the best thing that could happen to a man or woman; because it is in such connection that true love thrives; not the kind of venomous love we have in the world abound. It might be equivalent to travelling through space and witnessing the beauty of the Pillars of Creation first hand.. But I’m not certain about that. 😉

The Pillars of Creation. Credit: NASA