a Looong Read. But worth every alphabet in it, at the end. 🙂

Rationalising The Universe

Today we go on a journey to ancient Greece, and before us stands the hero of the Trojan war Achilles. Taking a break from his usual activities of slaying Trojans, Achilles has been enticed into a running race by a rather loud mouthed tortoise. Now clearly the tortoise is at a distinct disadvantage, so has managed to negotiate a small head start. Runners are of course allowed to run at their own maximum speed, but they must run at a constant speed once they cross their respective start lines. Trumpets sound and the race is on. Achilles reaches a frightening pace, the tortoise not so much. After a chunk of time Achilles has reached the position where the tortoise began. But since time has elapsed and the tortoise is moving forwards in the race it must be at a new position beyond the original. No bother the race continues; and…

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