The Man-God Paradox

Is there anything wrong in Man thinking himself as God? Well, there might really not be a problem with that when it’s just a thought (it’s left between him and God anyways). However, there might be some (often grave) implications; if I may use the word, when man does not now only think, but tries... Continue Reading →

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Perspectives on the Creation of the World

A lot of concepts or rather subjects of probe in the world often have two sides. One for and one against. Most times, I try putting myself in both shoes to see things from their own unique perspectives. As to the case of the centre of the universe, or how the Earth came to be,... Continue Reading →

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The Center of The Universe

Three years ago, I was going through a NASA website, following a trend in an argument that once took place a long time ago. The argument having ensued for many centuries, during the growth of astronomy. However, I brought this up now because, sometime this year, some group of people calling themselves the Flat Earthers... Continue Reading →

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Earth Day 2017. Africa’s Perspective

Quite a number of Africans either believe that Climate Change is a hoax, or it doesn't concern them. After all, there are fewer industries in Africa than there are in Europe, and there are fewer cars too- so our carbon footprint is quite small right? But the Earth doesn't acknowledge that Africa should receive less... Continue Reading →

a PhotoNote for the Civilized Man to read, and discover how far he has fared with his environment. funny enough that we create more problems for ourselves, whenever we try to solve an already existing one. 🙂

This SuperMum!

In the Animal kingdom, the Ladies are the ones you should look out for.. They do most of the Hunting and Foraging. They do half of the Fighting. And still make out lots of time for the Kids and care for the Family. This SuperMum Cheetah is a great example of how all the Mothers... Continue Reading →

A Spectacular Show

wow. this is a Great Read. The Auroras have always awed Man. Its so beautiful and even more when we learn how they came to appear in the first place. 🙂

Thanks Mekhi.

Rationalising The Universe

A snappy little post today, the science behind the spectacular display of the Aurora Borealis a.k.a Northern Lights. This mystical display of colours may be better left to childhood imagination but in the name of science we shall explain its true origin. As with many things here on Earth, the existence of the Northern Lights is thanks to the Sun. The Sun may be million of miles away but the effects of this colossal heat giant can be easily felt on our planet.

Storms on the Sun blow out streams of electrically charged solar particles across space and the Earth is in the path of this stream. The solar wind, as its called, distorts the Earth’s magnetic field and allows charged particles from the Sun to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This is most easily done at the poles of the Earth where the magnetic field is weaker which is why…

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