A Speck Against The Vast (Infinite) Universe

Can you see that tiny pale blue dot just about midway down the brown bar to the left? That is our dear planet, Earth. What comes to your mind as you look at such a little speck against an overwhelming dark background? NASA's Voyager 1 space probe took this photo on February 14, 1990,  at... Continue Reading →

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The Man-God Paradox

Is there anything wrong in Man thinking himself as God? Well, there might really not be a problem with that when it’s just a thought (it’s left between him and God anyways). However, there might be some (often grave) implications; if I may use the word, when man does not now only think, but tries... Continue Reading →

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Perspectives on the Creation of the World

A lot of concepts or rather subjects of probe in the world often have two sides. One for and one against. Most times, I try putting myself in both shoes to see things from their own unique perspectives. As to the case of the centre of the universe, or how the Earth came to be,... Continue Reading →

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The Center of The Universe

Three years ago, I was going through a NASA website, following a trend in an argument that once took place a long time ago. The argument having ensued for many centuries, during the growth of astronomy. However, I brought this up now because, sometime this year, some group of people calling themselves the Flat Earthers... Continue Reading →

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Life in the Age of Shifting Paradigms

Wow! We really do need this Change!

Creative by Nature


We live in a Universe that grows and changes like an intergalactic forest or brain. Life in our galaxy is a creative unfolding process; every “thing” that exists actually a dynamic self-organizing symphony of form, a cosmic dance in motion. Solar systems spinning, continents moving, societies arising, children moving and growing.

All of these creative systems in our lives (and the greater Universe) are interconnected and related to one another. Unseen forces of attraction keep natural systems together, influencing how the individual parts move and self-organize. A planet and solar system comes into being because of the force of gravity, families are held together by commitment and love.

Our body’s growth is guided by the DNA of our ancestors, it’s cellular systems running on energy from photons that journey to our planet from the sun. The whole Universe swirls like a three dimensional Van Gogh painting, held…

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Look Deeper- Find The Beautiful.

All through my days for a Degree in the University, I couldn’t find a soul of the opposite sex to truly connect to. I did later found someone who had some common interests with me; it seemed we both had a passion for the planet and things that grow, but time was already against- and... Continue Reading →

Earth Day 2017. Africa’s Perspective

Quite a number of Africans either believe that Climate Change is a hoax, or it doesn't concern them. After all, there are fewer industries in Africa than there are in Europe, and there are fewer cars too- so our carbon footprint is quite small right? But the Earth doesn't acknowledge that Africa should receive less... Continue Reading →

a PhotoNote for the Civilized Man to read, and discover how far he has fared with his environment. funny enough that we create more problems for ourselves, whenever we try to solve an already existing one. 🙂

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